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03 May 2012 Horoscope


At work, it is a normal day otherwise, but in personal life, you might have to learn to adjust and compromise. You may miss out on opportunities due to some adverse planetary positions. A new friend may come and he/she likely to play an important role in your upcoming life. You need some time to pray to God. Health remains good.
Your lucky color is Gamboge & purple.
Your lucky color is 5..


You may come in touch with a very interesting person. Be careful from the viewpoint of health and avoid borrowing/lending substantial sums of money. You and your mate seem to be cruising on the same wavelength, so make the most of it. Don’t try to ignore your feeling and will devote your long time with your partner.
Your Lucky color is peach.
Your Lucky number is 7..


It is best to go for opportunity for growth. Speculative investment opportunities look good. You will stand to gain. Your Extra effort may provide you gain in your business. Family matters will bring forth to you extra happiness. Your personal appeal will be on the rise. Excise more care if you are working at late, its direct affect to your health.
Light blue color may give shine in your way.
Your Lucky Number is 16. .


Your hard-work will provide your company extra benefit. Profit by the situation to enhance your image Income and expenses both will increase. You are about to enter a good period of your life. Think twice while taking any major decision. Your partner will support you in your decision Avoid spicy food and maintain your health.
Your lucky color is Purple & Papaya.
Your Lucky number is 4 & 15..


Your innovative ideas may give you extra benefit. These changes will consolidate and could be the base for your further prosperity and progress. Financially you seem good. Love relationship will be strengthened. Health could be afflicted on account of hormonal and fluid imbalance on the body.
Rose & aqua color could give you extra benefit.
Your lucky number is 13 & 21..


The day is favorable for enjoying good time with family. You might find this day to be testing you mentally and physically. The day is favorable from the professional viewpoint and you may afford to work long and hard. You may pursue profits single-mindedly, irrespective of what is going around you. Your relationship with your partner would be serene and dreamlike.
Your lucky color is Olive.
Your lucky number is 5 & 9..


There may be possible sudden rise in the business related matters or career is expected and things should start showing towards this end of the day. The level of income will continue to be high. Remember, a receptive attitude may work best for you now. You love affection give you positive result. Health will be averagely good.
Silver & Green color may lucky for you today.
Your lucky number is 6 & 17..


You may wish to get out of the routine and may expect change. You will have the pleasures and pains of everyday life. You will get some positive result will make you comfortable in your work. Love matters are under the cloud, but this is a temporary phase. Health remains good.
Silver color may give you brightness in your way.
Your Lucky number is 7 & 13..


Hence you are advised not to run after things and wait for the right opportunity to pick up. Old friends or familiar person will come into help. Prospects for business are bright. Home and personal life would be a source of encouragement and strength. You should take care of your health.
Light blue and linen color may lucky for you.
Your Lucky number is 5 & 11.


Due to Mars, today you will have the urge to display your social standing and money power to your people. You may focus on personality and outlook. You may desire to hone your basic skills. You may even see a way to be close without losing yourself in the relationship. Health remains good.
Your lucky color Orange & saffron.
Your Lucky number is 12..


If your life has become too busy, this is your chance to slow down. Your thoughts have been running all over the map, yet now they grind to a halt because a serious issue demands your total attention. You are able to overcome any problem that appears today, but you must focus on this one issue. Your relationship with your partner will be stronger. Health remains good.
Your Lucky color is pink.
Your lucky number is 9 and 17 .


You need to work hard and aggressively to maintain the position and the gains that are accruing. Your status and your interest in spirituality are on the rise. There will be a significant improvement in married life. Health could be better, But don’t take many different foods in a day.
Pink & golden light color match with your personality.
11 & 24 will lucky number for you..

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