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04 February 2012 Horoscope


Although the day is favorable to get returns of hard work. Good sign is that your sixth sense is likely to be more active. Askganesha astrologers predict that you may spend wonderful time with family members. You will be to reap the reward later. Love relationship remains same. The day brings happy news as far as health is concerned.
Your Lucky color is Yellow.
Your Lucky number is 12..


You will get to help from your friends to make a right decision. Caring attitude would give an edge over others at professional front. Askganesha astrologers seeing your hard work of previous days brings good fortune enabling to fulfill monetary promises. You will get cooperation from your love or spouse. Your health might require attention.
Your Lucky color is Magenta.
Your Lucky number is 5..


Askganesha astrologers predict that your positive attitude will give you positive result in your financial level. Professionals may yield good monetary gains. Those in the field of educational institutions will fare well. Maintain cordial relations your love or spouse and children. Some minor injuries like cramp, wounds may happen walk carefully.
Your Lucky color is Purple.
Your Lucky number is 9..


Give top priority needs and plan in a proper manner. Progress at professional front depends on your contacts with the right or concerned individuals. Askganesha astrologers predict that you will witness increased honor by completing important tasks. Romantic friendship is likely to prove a miracle for you. Presence of low fever will keep you in low spirits today.
Your Lucky color is Pink.
Your Lucky number is 11..


Timely help of associates will not only pass difficult times at work but also help in regaining professional edge. Askganesha astrologers advice- people might try to take advantage of business dealings. Financially you will get more gain. Romantic life might take a beating today. Take the help of smile therapy to overcome health problems.
Your Lucky color is Brown.
Your Lucky number is 3..


Lack of confidence could slip promising career enhancement opportunities from your hands. Askganesha astrologers advice- you need to get the advice from your superior while taking any major decision. Your may get some misunderstanding with your partner so be careful while talking. Exercise more care to maintain your health.
Your Lucky color is White.
Your Lucky number is 7..


Askganesha astrologers advice- keep in mind that only a good understanding of the job would enable to focus energy and efforts. In money matters you will have several things to do to achieve desired gains. Your care, love and comforting smile ignites the life of romantic partner. You succeed in making important changes in lifestyle to enjoy a healthy life.
Your Lucky color is Red.
Your Lucky number is 10..


Students should seek advice from successful people on career related issues. Monetary position will certainly take a turn for better especially later in the day. Askganesha astrologers predict that time now to improve your skills and efficiency at professional Front. Romantic moves fail to pay expected success. You health remains good.
Your Lucky color is Green.
Your Lucky number is 1..


You will have to change working style to achieve desired professional results. Hard work of the past brings rich dividends. Some of you may have to borrow funds to meet the demands. Askganesha astrologers advice- think twice while taking any major decision. Your partner will support you in your decision. You avoid fatty and fried food for the sake of your body.
Your Lucky color is Navy Blue.
Your Lucky number is 4..



Timely efforts and enthusiastic attitude bring orderliness in chaotic professional life. Askganesha astrologers seeing sudden inflow of funds would automatically improve financial position. Encouraging news is likely to lift spirits. Romantic evening with candlelight dinner with spouse brings joy. Your health might disturb you so be careful about your health.
Your Lucky color is Orange.
Your Lucky number is 2..


It is time to gauge whether you are on the right track at business front. Askganesha astrologers advice- It is necessary to create small successes to encourage one to create larger ones. Success in controlling unnecessary expenses will enable to save a lot. You need to keep a cool head to enable yourself to express true feelings to partner. Your health will be well.
Your Lucky color is Lemon.
Your Lucky number is 6..


A competitive atmosphere at work brings best out of you. Askganesha astrologers predict that discussing financial matters with an expert would immensely help to manage them. You get an opportunity to enjoy recreational activities with friends. You might fail to do anything to infuse a new life in romance. You are very health cautious.
Your Lucky color is Violet.
Your Lucky number is 8..

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