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30 March 2012 Horoscope


Your diverse interest is enough to make life motivating for you. A prudent approach in financial matters would help saving a lot. You will be honored and your position will gain new heights in the society. Love would immensely help in bringing happiness in the gloomy life of romantic partner. Your Health remains good.
Your Lucky Color is Red.
Your Lucky number is 11. .


Conceptual clarity and the power to communicate put you in the high achievers zone at work. You can expect things in your favor. Success in generating a new source of income would reduce financial burden. Attending a social gathering brings in contact with future romantic partner. You will maintain normal health.
Your Lucky Color is Brown.
Your Lucky number is 2. .


You notice a gradual upswing in your profits. Your planning may help you to your work. On the Financial front, you are likely to spend only on the essential and save. In love trusting intuition & sincerely following emotional feelings would take on the right path. You succeed in enjoying a healthy lifestyle.
Your Lucky Color is Navy Blue.
Your Lucky number is 5. .


At professional front your efficient, organized and flexible behaviour would help in shouldering additional responsibility. Your strength is in seeing the possibilities in alternative ideas. Some kind of technology can make something easier. A free & frank discussion is likely to enhance the richness of lovely relationship. You are very health cautious.
Your Lucky Color is Violet.
Your Lucky number is 3. .


Make sure you put-in best efforts to complete pending work on time. Your innovative ideas today would help in earning profits. Persistent efforts will help in shining in every sphere of life. Take love companion into confidence before taking any decision related to love. Your health might require some attention so take care of your health.
Your Lucky Color is Green.
Your Lucky number is 10. .


People-oriented policies are likely to help in increasing business horizons. A smart spending would enable to save a lot today. Money in hand needs to be handled with care and caution to make tomorrow brighter. You need to act courageously to succeed at romantic front. You are likely to maintain a good health.
Your Lucky Color is White.
Your Lucky number is 7. .


You will excel in teamwork provided you make yourself open to suggestions. You need to remain watchful against secret enemies. Working under momentary impulsion would backfire at workplace today. Enjoying the company of a cute friend is likely to take romantic imagination to scaling heights. Health will give you positive indication.
Your Lucky Color is Khaki.
Your Lucky number is 6. .


The key to succeed at workplace is to accept challenging assignments. You can show how gifted you are as you command attention and present the wonderful goals you are working toward. A wonderful day to contact people to share dreams. Nurturing love life will not only bring unlimited joy but also cement the bond. Your Health remains good.
Your Lucky Color is Pink.
Your Lucky number is 12. .


Personal efforts will be responsible for brining the happiness & harmony at home. If possible help in boosting the morale of subordinates to benefit all at work. Put your extra money at a safer place promising to return you on time. Strengthening romantic relationships is likely to warm your heart. Health will be better.
Your Lucky Color is Purple.
Your Lucky number is 8. .


Indications of earning profits through speculative activities are on the offering. You are likely to reap rich achievements with hard work. Tough negotiations are likely to bring best out of you at professional front. A down-to-earth approach in romance is likely to bring successful results. Avoid depending on fate and try to improve your health.
Your Lucky Color is Yellow.
Your Lucky number is 1. .


New offers for business might come in front of you for your happiness. Work expenses are likely to take an upward swing. Decent manners and intellectual talk would catch others attention. You are likely to enjoy a happy heart by making some changes in your lifestyle. You health will be better if try to avoid spicy food.
Your Lucky Color is Magenta.
Your Lucky number is 4. .


A promising day to start a new venture in partnership. You will get success in regaining your professional touch. Small matters needed to be taking consideration seriously. A dazzling beauty/attractive personality is likely to pierce your heart. You attain a bloom in health on sharing happiness with others.
Your Lucky Color is Grey.
Your Lucky number is 9. .

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