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31 March 2012 Horoscope


It is time to address key issues concerning growth & sustained development of human resource in your company. Teaming-up with a set of ambitious people would augur well for future. Unnecessary expenditure may be a big issue for you to control. Sudden romantic encounter might confuse you. A cheerful state of mind would allow enjoying the perfect health.
Your Lucky Color is Green.
Your Lucky number is 1. .


Your competitive nature comes for a test when you face challenging situations at workplace. Take decision with the help of your intellect after giving proper thought to it. Removing suspicion in love life is likely to restore enjoyment and invest in the relationship. Take the happiness tonic to keep yourself healthy.
Your Lucky Color is Violet.
Your Lucky number is 7. .


You are likely to succeed in developing contacts with important personalities at work. Try to maintain harmonious relations with one and all. Self-confidence helps in making an impact at professional front today. Romantic partner is likely to satisfy you emotionally. You will maintain normal health.
Your Lucky Color is Pink.
Your Lucky number is 11. .


Your overconfidence might come in the way of professional success. High time to discuss future goals with important people. You get an opportunity to enjoy recreational activities with friends. Time to realize love should be about fidelity & loyalty to make it an everlasting affair. Timely help to someone greatly helps in distress.
Your Lucky Color is Purple.
Your Lucky number is 9. .


Time to reap the benefits of professional efforts. Successful execution of brilliant ideas would help in earning financial profits. Scenario is for learning with your responsibility continues. In love relationships try to be good in your behavior. Immune system would positively respond to treatment.
Your Lucky Color is Red.
Your Lucky number is 2. .


You are about to enter a good period of your life. You can expect new avenues of opportunities to open up. Your creativity receives an energetic boost. Friends are a wonderful source of support and emotional bolstering. Love matters will continue to be on a positive scale. Health will be normal.
Your Lucky Color is Grey.
Your Lucky number is 5. .


You will be in an enthusiastic mood as many good things happen around you. Those doing business will find an expansion & gain in their respective trades. Your courage & patience will increase. Your partner advice may give you gain in your business matter. Your family health may disturb you.
Your Lucky Color is Navy Blue.
Your Lucky number is 12. .


Work steadily to gain professional edge. Your sixth sense is likely to be more active. You may spend wonderful time with family members. You are likely to crave for the attention of romantic partner. Your health will give you positive indication.
Your Lucky Color is Brown.
Your Lucky number is 4. .


You will see that interaction with colleagues lead to better under-standing of work. Play down you competency and efficiency to earn the goodwill in the workplace. You may focus on personality and outlook. In love you will feel light & happy on enjoying Partners Company. Your health remains good during the day.
Your Lucky Color is White.
Your Lucky number is 8. .


You get motivated to work on many new things. Your need for communication, short trips, and visits may increase today. You could be looking for radical change in your lifestyle. At romantic front you are likely to increase the passion in your relationship. . It is favorable day to start a diet plan.
Your Lucky Color is Magenta.
Your Lucky number is 3. .


Your planning and things seem to be working well and in order. You should try to keep working in a positive direction, and things will go well. Don’t enter into partnership on long-term basis for that will neither last nor prove beneficial. You make efforts to increase mental toughness by imbibing positive thinking.
Your Lucky Color is Yellow.
Your Lucky number is 6. .


You may learn a lesson for your past experience and use it as a tool to future accomplishment. Financially, you will need to focus on conserving money. You seem to be missing some old friends or family. Love relationship will be strengthened. Health will be averagely good so be careful about your health.
Your Lucky Color is Khaki.
Your Lucky number is 10. .

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